Darien Behravan, Associate Producer of a chronic pain educational documentary series, is a medical professional specializing in pain management, with more than 20 years of experience.The documentary series aims to raise awareness on issues related to chronic pain prevention, treatment, and recovery. Each of the 36, self-contained segments focuses on a different aspect of chronic pain.

As founder and President of the Bay Area Pain and Spine Institute, Darien Behravan specializes in chronic and acute pain, spinal injections, minimally invasive spinal surgeries, and medical legal evaluations. Located at 13690 East 14th Street in San Leandro, California, the Bay Area Pain and Spine Institute is a multidisciplinary medical office that is open to all patients with pain management issues.  Dr.Behravan is also involved with new Medical device research and drug development for chronic and Neuropathic pain treatment.

Darien Behravan dedicates most of his time to direct patient care and he has an active interest medical device research and development.  Dr.Darien Behravan believes that some mind/body exercise methods provide a level of healing that symptom-oriented medical treatment cannot. Darien Behravan’s battle with pain has given him a greater understanding of what his patients are going through, and many of his clients have mentioned his great compassion.

Consequently, Darien Behravan frequently volunteers to heighten community health awareness. His presence is often requested at pain management lectures, workshops, and conferences.

Darien Behravan’s personal and medical experience with pain management makes him one of the top physicians in the San Francisco Bay Area for chronic and acute pain problems. His involvement with the community, locally and nationally, makes him a well-known researcher, lecturer, and medical professional.  His practice is often used for new drug development and research as he has a sophisticated Electronic Medical records software with a large data base of chronic pain patients.


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